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Simba is southern Vermont's premier worldbeat dance band. Started in 1989, its eight members work throughout the New England area as soloists, accompanying other artists and doing recording work.

Simba is where they bring their personal creative talents together. The band has evolved into a high-energy dance band, drawing upon African, reggae, Caribbean, Latin, jazz and funk influences to create their own unique and vibrant sound. Simba features several multi-instrumentalists allowing their sound to range from guitar/horn section funk to Caribbean steel drum, from West African balafon grooves and hand percussion to jazz sextet and even klezmer orchestra.

Although Simba loves to play hard and can keep everyone on the dance floor, they can also play an entire night of cocktail/swing jazz if that is what's needed.

The members include: Dan DeWalt - steel pan, trombone, piano, accordion; Wim Auer - bass; Johnny Yuma - vocals, drums, percussion; Bob Stabach - tenor sax, flute; Steve Sonntag - trumpet, flugelhorn; Charlie Schneeweis - vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, valve trombone; Derrik Jordan - vocals, guitar, percussion, congas, keyboard, violin; Steve Leicach - talking drum, percussion, congas, djembe, balafon.

Dan DeWalt composes music, plays piano, trombone and steel pan. Green Mountain Mambo is his flagship band, but you will also find information and music about several other bands in which he plays. Please take a listen and you'll find something that you like.

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Green Mountain Mambo

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Green Mountain Mambo