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De Lomas y Sones

De Lomas y Sones plays Afro-Cuban son, the deeply soulful and influential dance style that is the root of salsa, chacha, and mambo. With congas, bongó, bass, piano, flute, saxophone and vocals, De Lomas y Sones delivers an evening of sizzling Cuban sounds.

The The band is fronted by William Armando Rodriguez on lead vocals, bongó and timbales, and by female lead vocalist Maricel Lucero. Both William and Maricel are from Santiago de Cuba, the mountainous province where son originated. William and Maricel are supported by four Vermont and Western Massachusetts Latin musicians: Jon Weeks on saxophones and flute, Dan DeWalt on piano, Wes Brown on bass, and Julian Gerstin on congas. De Lomas y Sones means “Of Hills and Songs,” and the name pays tribute both to Santiago province and the band’s Vermont home base.

Dan DeWalt composes music, plays piano, trombone and steel pan. Green Mountain Mambo is his flagship band, but you will also find information and music about several other bands in which he plays. Please take a listen and you'll find something that you like.

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Green Mountain Mambo

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